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The Beginning of Jewels

The inscription 17 jewels can be found on watches, indicating that the mechanism of the timepiece is finely crafted with jewels that minimize friction and wear so that it becomes precise and dependable.  When previous owner, Julie Stevens noticed this on a watch left to her by her grandfather she instantly knew this would become the name of the salon + spa she’d dreamed of opening. Julie spent great deal of time searching for the right location for her business and in the summer of 2005 she found the perfect spot. The Temescal District of Oakland was on the brink of becoming the new gourmet ghetto and right in the heart of all this growth she found the storefront that would soon become home to 17 Jewels salon+spa. 

    After months of personal attention to every aspect of design and construction as well as finding the right talent to join her on the floor, Julie opened for business on the 5th of November in 2005.  This salon originally began as an exclusive bumble and bumble salon, and now carries the exclusive Label M line from London, and Australian line of Kevin Murphy products. We opened our doors to a steady stream of loyal clients and we have been gaining momentum each and everyday. 

    We pride ourselves on our knowledge of all hair types, and are especially akin to curly hair. 17 Jewels is proud to support our local schools, and several non-profit organizations that give back to our communities here in Oakland. We look forward to meeting you soon...

-The 17 Jewels Crew

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